Imaging Applications

SiOnyx is commercializing a patented


process that dramatically enhances the performance of light sensing devices commonly used in security, defense, consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive applications.


The SiOnyx proprietary

“Black Silicon”

laser process induces structural changes to detector materials. This results in increased optoelectronic response in the visible and near infrared (NIR) regions. In addition, the spectral response is broadened, enabling silicon to respond further into the NIR. These attributes have tangible value in most, if not all, photonic systems.


Numerous applications in inspection and sensing utilize IR light. With significantly higher sensitivity at these critical wavelengths, new levels of speed and accuracy may be achieved using SiOnyx image sensor technology.

Black Silicon Industrial

Medical imaging modalities like Radiology, Dermatology, Dental, and Bioluminescense depend on IR responsivity to carry out critical imaging tasks. SiOnyx image sensors help build safer and more accurate imaging systems through Black Silicon technology.

Medical Black Silicon Imaging

The next frontier of automotive safety includes driver awareness monitoring, active collision avoidance and high performance night vision systems. These critical safety initiatives depend on the high performance IR imaging found in SiOnyx image sensors.