Unparalleled Night Vision


Black Silicon image sensors enable new capabilities in pure night vision and dramatically enhance the performance of IR illuminated video surveillance. With unprecedented responsivity to visible and IR light, SiOnyx

XQE CMOS sensors

will redefine the way surveillance systems are specified and deployed.

Security XQE CMOS SensorsPure Night Vision

Pure Night Vision

Threat detection and classification at night


XQE CMOS Sensors

provide a break-through capability for surveillance cameras under pure nightglow illumination. SiOnyx delivers pure night vision with no restrictions placed on daytime performance, allowing for highly flexible, uncompromised surveillance solutions.

CMOS Imaging for Unparalleled IR IlluminationPure Night Vision XQE CMOS Sensors

Superior IR Solutions

Dramatic improvements to distance and field-of-view
Compared to today’s CCD and CMOS image sensors, SiOnyx XQE CMOS sensors provide increased IR responsivity at the critical 850nm and 940nm wavelengths used in IR illumination. This boost in IR responsivity can be utilized to dramatically increase viewing distance or field of view.

New CapabilitiesPure Night Vision

New Capabilities

Enabling unprecedented day/night solutions
SiOnyx XQE CMOS sensors enable lower power, lower cost day/night solutions without compromise. From the ability to power remote illuminated network cameras, to delivering pure night vision, SiOnyx will overcome today’s performance and cost barriers in mainstream surveillance technology.